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I Vote for a Fossil Free South Africa

As we decided to create a Climate Change election guide in an effort to get our partners on the ground more engaged but also to start the climate conversation before the elections and hear what people thought about it and if they would sway their votes based on political parties positions on some climate related themes.

Video: #ThumaMinaDBSA Petition Delivery Action calls on the DBSA to develop a stand-alone fossil fuel strategy that fully excludes coal and integrates climate change strategies across their operations to meeting South Africa’s fair share of keeping warming to 1.5C as communicated by the worlds foremost collection of climate scientists.

We’re determined than ever to oppose the Lamu coal plant

The highly expected verdict in the court case challenging the construction of Lamu coal plant has been postponed to 24 June by the National Environment Tribunal (NET)  in Nairobi. The judgement was supposed to close an appeal which commenced before the NET in October 2016, halting the development of the Lamu Coal Plant.