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We’re determined than ever to oppose the Lamu coal plant

The highly expected verdict in the court case challenging the construction of Lamu coal plant has been postponed to 24 June by the National Environment Tribunal (NET)  in Nairobi. The judgement was supposed to close an appeal which commenced before the NET in October 2016, halting the development of the Lamu Coal Plant.

#SouthAfricaElections2019: Voting in a Climate Emergency

As we head to the polls here in South Africa, which party will work on equitably transforming us from the biggest carbon polluter on the continent to a climate action taking, renewable energy superpower? And if you’re a voter who wants to support a party that really cares about taking climate action, then where should you put your X on May 8th?

Standard Bank goes full Trump on “Clean Coal”

Coal has devastating impacts on human health the world over, and Standard Bank’s glaring omission tells us that while there are cleaner energy sources available, they’d prefer to pollute our lungs with coal power, although perhaps a bit more efficiently than before.