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#ThumaMina: Heed the call, say no to coal DBSA.

We’re calling on the DBSA to commit to not financing Thabametsi coal-fired power plant. It is an opportunity for them to stand out and be a leader amongst financiers in South Africa, and not waiver from fulfilling their development aims of improving affordable energy access for all South Africans.

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National Fracking Campaign launch

On the 16-17 November the Support Centre for Land Change hosted various community based organisations, NGO’s  and local leaders to

Climate activists asking AfDB to shift to funding 100% renewables

As part of the Zero Emissions/Omissions campaign, the activists asked the African Development Bank for increased transparency in their investment deals and to disclose and share publicly the greenhouse gas emissions at the project and portfolio levels.

A better energy plan is possible

– Nearly 90% of South Africa’s electricity is generated from coal, this is a serious challenge – we will have to decrease our dependency on the black stuff dramatically.

South African National Gasdown Frackdown Meeting

The meeting was well attended by NGO’s, CBO’s and Community members alike from Kwazulu Natal, Free State, Gauteng and the Northern Cape. Over the 3 days, we gathered to reflect on the environmental, economic and political crisis our country and world is currently facing and considered our response to this crisis.