On November 3rd, 2023, the community of Ekumfi Aboano in the central region of Ghana witnessed a transformation that not only brightened their streets but also symbolized a brighter, more sustainable future. This significant change came courtesy of 350 Ghana, an organization dedicated to environmental conservation and renewable energy initiatives. The event marked the declaration of November 3rd as an annual PowerUp Day by the community’s chief, Nana Obofo Kweenu IV, and received praise and recognition from various stakeholders, including Assemblyman Joseph Aidoo.


350 Ghana’s mission to empower communities with clean, renewable energy was on full display as they installed ten solar-powered street bulbs in Ekumfi Aboano. The impact of this initiative extended beyond the illumination of dark streets; it addressed security concerns at the Srafa Aboano DA Basic School. The headmaster of the school highlighted the issues of theft, vandalism, and nighttime disturbances that had plagued the institution due to the lack of adequate lighting. With the installation of a solar-powered street bulb at the school premises, these concerns were effectively addressed, ensuring a safer and more conducive learning environment for the students.


The chief of Ekumfi Aboano recognized the invaluable contributions of 350 Ghana to the community’s well-being. He praised the organization for its dedication to improving the lives of the people and ensuring their safety. The assemblyman echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives for the community’s progress and development.

However, the journey to a sustainable future for Ekumfi Aboano has not been without challenges. In 2016, the community faced the prospect of a coal-powered plant construction by Shenzhen Energy Group, a Chinese company. The project received a warm welcome from the Ghanaian Ministry of Energy. It was the activism and unwavering commitment of 350 Ghana that led to the project’s abandonment, preventing environmental harm and potential health hazards. In light of these events, 350 Ghana saw it fitting to provide Ekumfi Aboano with a clean and reliable source of energy, free from the adverse impacts of fossil fuels.

Portia Adu Mensah, the National Coordinator for 350 Ghana, emphasized the need for government support for green projects that harness the power of nature to provide clean energy. She underlined the potential for communities across Ghana to benefit from renewable energy sources, reducing their dependence on fossil fuels and contributing to a sustainable future.

The PowerUp event in Ekumfi Aboano is part of a global movement. Around the world, communities face the challenges of climate change, rising energy costs, and the need for equitable access to clean energy. The event reflects the determination of communities like Ekumfi Aboano to build a better future despite these challenges. It also calls for governments to act and use financial means to redirect excessive profits from the fossil fuels industry into the renewable energy revolution. This shift aims to ensure that clean, sustainable energy is accessible to all, lifting people from poverty and protecting the planet from the worst impacts of the climate crisis.