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More rain, less freshwater: Why the government of Ghana needs to stop coal expansion

Heavy rainfalls in Accra, Ghana during the past week, induced 10 fatalities, injuries and destroyed properties. The survival of vulnerable communities remains high priority as the  country’s government urges citizens to move toward higher ground away from flooded areas so as to avert further fatalities. The months of May and June are known to be (More...)

Growing resistance to halt the first coal-fired power plant in Kenya

The Kenyan governmental plan to build a $ 2 billion coal-fired power plant in the area known as Kwasasi in Lamu county is facing continuous growing resistance from community members and activists, actively mobilising and working to stop a project which is likely to cause health damages to communities, contaminate water resources and decimate mangrove (More...)

We are hiring!

350.org is looking for a driven and creative Senior Digital Campaigner to coordinate the work of our online and offline mobilisation in the Arab World, and to collaborate with our team members with skill, sensitivity, and a razor-sharp strategic sense and a driven and experienced South Africa Field Organiser and Campaigner to help make the climate (More...)

Graffiti is Art not vandalism – By Jade Trueman

Graffiti is not vandalism. Graffiti is Art. Art is a form of communicating. Art is a form of making people uncomfortable. It is a mechanism which seeks to generate new thoughts and new ways of approaching challenges, without neglecting the foundation and history from which it comes. After attending the first 350 Africa Artivism workshop (More...)

Why Kenya should not drill its oil reserves

The plummeting in oil prices in the recent past has had the world in general looking at renewable sources of energy not only as an alternative source of energy but as the future main source of energy for nations. (More...)