Virtual Youth Summit

An online summit to help young activists across South Africa build a just and powerful climate movement, ready to build back better after the coronavirus crisis.

Hosted by Africa Climate Alliance, SAYCCC, and    

This Virtual Youth Summit brought together youth leaders from the environmental and social justice movements from around South Africa to connect over a 2-3 week long period in June and July in an environment that prioritises connection between one another online, as well as the creation of actionable plans that can lead to accelerated momentum in the movement post covid-19 lockdown.

These online sessions tackled a wide range of topics, from interactive panels of experienced activists working in the climate movement and other social justice issues, to Climate Change and it's sciences, the link between Climate Change and other social issues, supporting the organising of youth movements in the struggles, share ideas, and experiences with other activists from across the world while also learning from groups and organisations that have been working on the climate issue in South Africa.

The sessions took place between the 17th of June - 2nd of July 2020.
PART 1 - Understanding the Science and the importance of language.

Climate change and its science

PART 2 - How to connect the dots between Social and Environmental Movements. 


Towards Sustainable Communities in the Wild Coast

PART 3 - Organising and Absorption training and skillshare. 



How to plan, recruit, absorb for successful organising

PART 4 - Organising Experience Sharing amongst participants. 

PART 5 - What are “Days of Action” and how do they help your movement? 


Days of Actions

PART 6 - Organisational Case studies: Africa Climate Alliance, Earthlife Africa, SAYCCC.

Critical steps towards a successful mass action - EarthLife Africa

Organizational Case Study of the South African Youth Centre for Climate Change

Africa Climate Alliance - A Short case study (So far)



Virtual Youth Summit 2020 – Nick Ford

The Virtual Youth Summit offered a platform for climate activists to share and learn from each others journey. This offered renewed hope, new friendships and a new hunger to contribute more to the climate movement

From the Streets to Virtual Space – Awande Duma

The current health pandemic has changed the mode in which we engage with fellow activists. The month-long Virtual Youth Summit offered renewed hope and an opportunity for climate activists, new and old, to learn more about further contributing to the climate movement in a time when we are not able to physically gather together

The South Africa Digital Youth summit

As a South African youth-led group calling for socio-environmental justice in South Africa, we see great value in the collaboration of youth and civil society from all around the country. It is the only way that we will be able to unite in the face of current and future challenges to build a fairer world for all people and maintain a habitable planet.