One of the most important parts of activism, in my opinion, is community. Just as Rome was not built in a day, a greater future is going to take time and collective effort to achieve. The Virtual Youth Summit encapsulated this idea for me, and I am so grateful to have had the privilege to work with and learn from my colleagues through this program.

Throughout the course of the event, we were given presentations and had discussions covering a variety of activism-related topics. Some of the highlights for me were learning about some of the deeper science behind climate activism, and also having fun and interactive discussions with other activists around organising and the struggles thereof. These meetings created a space for us to interact and learn how we can best make a difference in our individual communities, and in a way which is inclusive and constructive.

I would like to thank our amazing organisers for providing us with such an amazing opportunity, and I am incredibly keen to host and participate in more of these kinds of meetings and to collaborate with

Nick Ford