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La ferveur monte autour la Grande Fête du 10/10/10

La Grande Fête du Travail, c’est dans 10 jours et la mobilisation bat son plein partout sur la planète. Aujourd’hui, on compte près de 5.450 fêtes enregistrées et parmi celles-là près de 300 sur le continent

Taking a Swipe at Climate Change

This is one of the most creative 10/10 work parties you’re going to hear about! In Muthurwa, a rural area near Nairobi, Kenya, hundreds of trees were recently illegally logged, leaving a bare area prone to

Gearing up for 10/10!

Africa is getting to work on climate change on the 10th of October! Across the continent, a multitude of communities are joining’s Global Work Party 10/10/10 campaign, and are planning a wonderfully creative and diverse

Severe flooding hits Northern Nigeria

Story by Salisu Lawal Halliri

Scores of people have been killed by floods in several states of northern Nigeria where unusually heavy rains have swollen rivers and streams across the region in the last two weeks.

My story: O Akinde

Dear 350,

I live in Lagos, Nigeria.
I heard about 350 around August last year while I was volunteering at LEAP Africa. My boss was as passionate as I was about it as she had heard