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DR Congo Reforestation Party

Ephrem and his work-party in DR Congo are gearing up to plant 10 000 trees in a massive Reforestation Party on 10/10/10.
Here are some pictures from Kilala and Idjwi-Bukavu, South Kivu in DR Congo. You

La ferveur monte autour la Grande Fête du 10/10/10

La Grande Fête du Travail, c’est dans 10 jours et la mobilisation bat son plein partout sur la planète. Aujourd’hui, on compte près de 5.450 fêtes enregistrées et parmi celles-là près de 300 sur le continent

Taking a Swipe at Climate Change

This is one of the most creative 10/10 work parties you’re going to hear about! In Muthurwa, a rural area near Nairobi, Kenya, hundreds of trees were recently illegally logged, leaving a bare area prone to

Gearing up for 10/10!

Africa is getting to work on climate change on the 10th of October! Across the continent, a multitude of communities are joining’s Global Work Party 10/10/10 campaign, and are planning a wonderfully creative and diverse