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Mombasa, Kenya gets 10/10/10 early!

After various activities this week with school groups, universities and faith-based groups, a large group met today to clean up Shelly Beach and plant trees in Likoni South Coast, and share their learnings about climate change.

Orphan & Abandoned Boys House goes solar!

Margaret’s Boy’s House, an under-resourced home for orphaned and abandoned boys in Cape Town, South Africa, today received the bright donation of a huge solar geyser as part of the 10/10/10 Global Climate Work Party campaign.

Climate Action 335!

From Tunisia, Morocco & Egypt in the North to South Africa, Zambia & Madagascar in the South; from Burkina Faso, Congo & Nigeria in the West to Somalia, Burundi & Kenya in the East, Africans are

Obama’s White House To Get Solar Energy

Announcement Precedes World’s Most Widespread Political Demonstration Ever, Calling For Action On Climate.

The most famous seat of power in the world, the White House, is going solar.

Barack Obama’s Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, today