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Algiers, Algeria

Dear Friend,

Please find attached the picture of the 10/10/10 in Algiers, Algeria.
The place on the picture is for Algiers like the Eiffel Tower is for Paris.


Bujumbura, Burundi

Je vous signalerais que notre journée était bien animée du début à la fin
puisqu’on ne voulait même pas rentrer mais continuer à contempler les stands
pour la promotion de l’énergie à Bujumbura

On reste en

Lagos, Nigeria

We are preparing for our large climate art project in Lagos, Nigeria – this is the first stage of the event – the laying of materials. Then we hope to have 200 000 children paint climate

Iganga, Uganda

The 350 global work party took place at Iganga High School took yesterday on 8th October 2010. The event took place from 3pm due to other school programs that were in progress during the course of