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Putting Youths at the Forefront

There is a common saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow. In fact if we go by this popular saying, it is therefore imperative for youths to be at the forefront of the fight against

DR Congo Reforestation Party

Ephrem and his work-party in DR Congo are gearing up to plant 10 000 trees in a massive Reforestation Party on 10/10/10.
Here are some pictures from Kilala and Idjwi-Bukavu, South Kivu in DR Congo. You

La ferveur monte autour la Grande Fête du 10/10/10

La Grande Fête du Travail, c’est dans 10 jours et la mobilisation bat son plein partout sur la planète. Aujourd’hui, on compte près de 5.450 fêtes enregistrées et parmi celles-là près de 300 sur le continent

Taking a Swipe at Climate Change

This is one of the most creative 10/10 work parties you’re going to hear about! In Muthurwa, a rural area near Nairobi, Kenya, hundreds of trees were recently illegally logged, leaving a bare area prone to