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NaDEET, Namibia

NaDEET staff celebrates the erection of their six new solar panels. Since
the day began we have been at 100% energy and had 0 ppm carbon emissions!
From left to right: Andreas Keding, Alexandra Keding, Elizabeth

Bissau, Guinea Bissau

In this photo we were about to start planting trees in an area of
Bissau, Guinea-Bissau West Africa.


On Sunday 10/10/10 people at 7347 events in 188 countries got down to work on the climate crisis.

People dug community gardens, installed solar panels, planted trees and much, much more – just take a look

Zomba, Malawi

In Zomba, Malawi, students from the University of Malawi planted trees Malawi Reforestation Programme for Carbon Sequestration. Also in attendance was current Miss University of Malawi and Chancellor College.


At the University of Mauritius, students gathered to plant trees and promote reforestation as a solution to climate change.