Main Campaigns

Green New Eskom

A campaign to push for a rapid & just transition to renewable energy for South Africa’s national utility Eskom – the biggest climate polluter on the African continent.


A call on the Minister of Finance to insist that the DBSA and IDC invest in a clean energy future with social and climate justice at the heart of transition away from fossil fuels.

Action Videos

Videos from past mobilisations, actions and events in South Africa.

FIC Summit (2020)

Youth Day (2019)

$11 Trillion Divested From Fossil Fuels (2019)

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More From South Africa

Just Us And The Climate Podcast

Want to hear more about the report and a South African Just Recovery? Join members of the Climate Justice Coalition and the Institute for Economic Justice as they discuss what a Just Recovery looks like for South Africa.

Listen to the podcast here

New report: No going back to normal

For many climate justice advocates, the trajectory of the COVID 19 pandemic is unsurprising, as it mirrors the very systems and structures that underpin the climate crisis. We need a Just Recovery from COVID 19, this report attempts to show the way.

Download report

Just Recovery Art Challenge

An art competition to imagine what a just recovery from COVID-19 could and should look like.

Just Recovery Art Challenge


We are building a climate movement in which #BlackLivesMatter

All lives do matter, and I’d go further to say that all life matters. The reason that we explicitly say and support #BlackLivesMatter is white supremacist culture has made it clear that Black lives do not matter, or matter less. To be clear, saying Black lives matter does not mean that we think white lives don’t matter or that any murder or act of aggression carried out against anyone is acceptable. To merely say all lives matter though ignores the fact that the dominant culture has oppressed Black people for hundreds of years, and continues to do so.

Climate Justice Coalition Open Letter to COSATU on their Eskom Proposal

This is an open letter to COSATU written on behalf of the Climate Justice Coalition, a coalition of South African labour, social, health, environmental, human rights and climate justice civil society organisations. We are writing this letter to provide both praise and critique of COSATU’s proposal to fix Eskom. While there is much to discuss about the proposal, this letter focuses only on questions of climate justice.