February 11, 2016

President Zuma fails to show climate change leadership during SONA 2016

Once again the President stated that he had a good story to tell as he took us down memory lane. He said “our democracy is functional, solid and stable” yet many ordinary South Africans are deprived of clean water and face compromised livelihoods.

We are not surprised by the lack of leadership in response to climate change observed during SONA 2016.  South Africa is not showing strong commitment to COP21 agreement.

President Zuma did not provide adequate recommendations about failing SOE’s such as Eskom. The fact that loadshedding has not been experienced since August 2015 is not an indication of stable sustainable electricity supply.  Kusile and Medupi continue to be high risk projects for the country and local communities

350Africa.org observed that he did not adequately address the drought disaster. He gave no indication of long term plans and solutions to imminent climate changes that will require a consolidated disaster management.

It is appalling given the state of our economy that this government would continue to push for nuclear. The true cost is too high. Nuclear should not be an option for South Africa.

Renewable energy cannot be left to private sector alone. Government must commit to a more ambitious roll out plan on renewable energy.

No Mr President, you have not moved South Africa’s climate and environmental justice and policies forward.





Lerato Letebele –  350 Africa Arab World Communications Manager

lerato@350.org; +27 11 339 1035; +27 76 562 4895