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From Cape Town to Amman, #WeFightClimateChange

There’s something I’ve been struggling with lately: the image of suited world leaders meeting in giant conference rooms at COP21 in Paris in December that just doesn’t fit with the real image of climate change that so many people are facing across our continent. The Paris negotiations could potentially send a signal that world governments (More...)

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The Power Shift wave has started

We recently shared updates on how we were preparing to experience a rich, intense and colorful month of March, with various power shift events/workshops/gatherings being launched in various places of the Africa-Arab region. On the 6th to 9th of March, a three-day workshop was held in Egypt where the fight against coal is becoming taken (More...)

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A wave of Power Shift events in Africa-Arab region

After six months of intense preparations, consultations, drafting, coaching and submission and sometimes rewriting texts, Power Shift projects are getting started one after the other in Africa-Arab world. Two weeks back, team Gabon kicked off with a workshop on climate leadership that gathered 40 young people who will be playing the role of local climate (More...)

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Possible new coal powered plant in Ghana!

Shenzhen Energy Group, a Chinese company has proposed to build a 700 MW coal powered plant to the government of Ghana. The Ministry of Energy in Ghana which has welcomed this build with much enthusiasm. Ghana Youth Environmental Movement together with 350.org GPS Ghana team are currently involved in campaigning against this atrocity which forms (More...)

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West Africa continuing to strengthen and build the movement

GPS team Ghana had their first in person meeting on the 23rd May. Although the team had met each other before as most of them scheduled their visas interviews at the Turkish Embassy for the same day, it was the first official meeting to discuss the Global Power Shift and their planning process. Team participants (More...)

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Nigeria’s first face-to-face meeting for Global Power Shift

Report compiled by the Nigerian GPS team The 14th May saw the kick off of the first face-to-face meeting in Abuja, where participants not only got a chance to meet each other in person, but, were also being interviewed as part of their visa processing requirements. The team meeting was geared towards familiarization of team (More...)

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Rural communities connecting the dot to climate change in Nigeria

A two day sensitization lecture was organized by Forward in Action for Conservation of Indigenous Species (FACIS) on the 20th and 21st of November in Bauchi. The aim was to educate community members at rural level the connection between low yield of farm produce, heavy rain falls resulting in floods, excessive heat and cold weather to (More...)

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