Through the success of our anti-coal campaign against a proposed coal-fired power plant in Ekumfi region, a project that was highly supported by the previous government of Ghana, we are now chartering our path in promoting RE in Ghana. Our renewed campaign mission, dubbed Renewable Energy for Communities (#RE4C) aims to spotlight solutions to our energy challenges, promote and increase access to renewable energy in Ghana, create awareness and increase access to renewable energies by promoting entrepreneurship in this sector.

Anne-Alida Ayele d’Almeida from DENG Engineers

Anne-Alida Ayele d’Almeida from DENG Engineers.


Earlier this month 350GRoC hosted a workshop aimed at building our capacities as organizations, stakeholders, allies and private partners championing renewable energy.  Members from Strategic Youth Network for Development, Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstove and Fuels (GHACCO) and GREEN-GEAPE were amongst those that joined the robust conversation.  We have natural resources in abundance and these will lead us into the sustainable future we desire to see.  During the workshop, we shared stories of people who have benefitted from off- grid renewable sources of energy in their local communities.  With this new direction, we aim to further probe President Nana Akufo-Addo campaign manifesto on RE and hold the government accountable to their commitments.  

Chibeze Ezekiel- 350GRoC

Chibeze Ezekiel- 350GRoC National Coordinator


Written and images by Ben Addo – 350GRoC Programs Coordinator