Why are we stepping up the action to fight for climate justice over the next couple of months?

For a few simple and serious reasons:

  1. 2015 is on track to be the hottest year ever recorded. The previous year that held that record was 2014. What do you expect 2016 will do?
  2. This is the extreme weather that has plagued Africa in 2015 so far: africa extreme weather
  3. In the last month alone, an insane heat wave caused 93 reported deaths in Egypt and pushed temperatures way past 50 degrees in much of the Middle East, floods ripped through Bauchi State in Nigeria, destroying houses and crops, while 500 000 people in Namibia are being hit by drought and need food aid. Parts of South Africa are also facing drought conditions, and people in Uganda are facing disappearing livelihoods as their lakes start to diminish.
  4. The Paris negotiations in December could potentially send a signal that world governments are serious about keeping fossil fuels in the ground. If they fail, it will embolden the fossil fuel industry and expose more communities to toxic extraction and climate disasters. But the time for feeling powerless in the face of climate chaos is over. No matter what happens in the negotiating halls, we must build power to hold them accountable to the principles of justice and science.

If these four reasons incense you like they do us, join us this September for our regional week of action as we all fight climate change together! Find an event near you here:

(Infographic above courtesy of mgafrica.com)