GPS team Ghana had their first in person meeting on the 23rd May. Although the team had met each other before as most of them scheduled their visas interviews at the Turkish Embassy for the same day, it was the first official meeting to discuss the Global Power Shift and their planning process.

Team participants had met in Accra not only because of the location being rather central for those who travelled from cities such as Kasoa and Tema, but seeing as this is where the embassy is located.

Participants were eager to get started with their phase 1 and dove right into the country mapping for after the opening prayer. Team members stepped up and volunteered to collect information that is needed for the exercise from various sources such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI).  Others had suggested contacting KASA (an umbrella CSO on Environment rand Climate Change issues in Ghana).

Participants meet face-to-face in Accra

Participants meet face-to-face in Accra

The skills tracks were discussed in detail with each participant expressing the experience they have thus far. Overall, the team focused on developing ideas on how this training in Istanbul can be used to benefit the phase 2 of their power shift implementation.

Thereafter, a team name was discussed with various ideas and thoughts about how to make this most recognisable. Final decisions will be made soon!

Team Ghana is reaching out to broader networks and alliances to strengthen their phase 2 implementation plans with each team member being actively involved in identifying and reaching out to particular groups.

This was just the first meeting and already Team Ghana is off to a firing start!

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