Dear friends across Africa,

Since the launch of the “Moving Planet” campaign in April, organizers from around the world have started registering their actions on, and the organizers in Africa have not stayed on the sidelines.

From Dakar to Cape Town via Nairobi, Kinshasa, and Buea, our allies and partners are working hard to make September 24th a day to remember. 

But we need your help to make it truly shine. Such great mobilization is worthy to be broadcast to the world so that ordinary citizens, community members, students, and decision-makers can learn about the important messages you will be sending on September 24th.  

That is why today we are requesting something very important from you. We are gathering information about what media sources you watch, listen to, and read the most to help us spread Moving Planet to the farthest corners of Africa and truly make an impact. 

Click here to fill out a short form that will let us know what media sources you connect with most frequently. It will only take a minute to fill out the form, and will help us amplify your message throughout Africa and throughout the world.  Even if you aren’t organizing an event, the information you could be providing us is very important.  

Africa is the most vulnerable continent to climate change. We can see it’s effects throughout all of Africa’s countries, even now with the drought and famine that is plaguing so many of you. Instead of being frustrated and downtrodden, you all are jumping into action, determined to build climate-friendly alternatives, sustainable economies and jobs that increase African countries’ climate resilience.

To give you some ideas about the amazing events that are happening on September 24th, here are just a few we have pulled from the list:

In Egypt, organizers are planning a giant human flood that will move through the streets of Cairo. Youth groups and citizens will be wearing blue (to symbolize the Nile) and moving together using clean transportation (walking, running, cycling) to demand a clean transportation system and a clean energy future for Egypt and the world. 

Organizers in Kinshasa, DR Congo, are planning a beautiful bike race through the main streets of the capital city. Environmental organisations, faith groups, church leaders and youths are coming together to demand political action from their government on Moving Planet Day.

Finally, in Buea, Cameroon, over 500 students, teachers, civil society activists and government officials will move together to the local river where they will spend the day picking up waste, planting trees, hearing talks, and singing songs.

September 24 can be amazing–but only if people from every corner on all continents come together to make it happen and tell its great story to the world. 

Please help us with that mission by filling out a short form today: