It is exactly one month since completion of the 350 Uganda Climate Leaders Workshop in Entebbe, which brought together 22 activists, environmentalists and farmers from Kampala and other districts such as Mpigi, Mukono, Mityana and Gulu.

A few days before the training could begin, 10 individuals, comprising of staff and organisers from across Africa were freshly trained as climate trainers. These newly trained trainers were responsible for conducting the training sessions.

After a brief review of the basic concepts of climate change and 350 actions, the group was trained in local leadership, story telling method, definition of vision which included medium and long terms plans, use of media and other forms of communication. The training was conducted in a dynamic and participatory methodology combining role plays, group work and short presentations.

Participants at the 350 Uganda Climate Leaders Workshop

The 350 Uganda Climate Leaders Workshop was the fourth national workshop hosted in an African country after previously being held in Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Lagos last year and the workshop meeting of Kinshasa in August 2011. They fit within the framework of building capacity of organizers aiming at developing their skills to conduct bold activism which address the huge challenges regarding our environment and threat of livelihoods.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet other colleagues within the 350 network. I previously heard that we were many of us in this country but I did not know that the movement has many dynamic and committed organizers, “said John Kaganga, Mityana District farmer and 350 supporter.

Diversity of experiences and expertise, creativity and inspiration are commonly found at 350 workshops which serve as an appropriate platform for dialogue, exchange and planning for major actions and coordination at the local or national level. Among the ideas which emerged during group discussions were the adoption of a carbon neutral policy, the strengthening of local resilience to climate impacts, strong push for renewable energy and fines for polluting companies.

All these will soon be implemented when clear plans have been defined and a new strengthened team established. A planning meeting involving old and new Ugandan organizers is expected in the coming days.

Go Go Go 350 Uganda Team!