What are local 350 groups?

Since 350.org began in 2008, local and national citizen-led climate activist groups have sprung up in communities around the world to organize for 350 days of action, and to continue mobilizing in their communities in an ongoing way. We believe a powerful global network of local movements working to stand in solidarity with one another at the global level, and transform their communities through popular education, grassroots organizing, and campaigning at the local level, is essential to stopping global climate change. What 350 groups do locally will vary from place to place and is up to the movements’ leaders, but at their core, they are led by those committed to building a global climate movement that embodies the basic principles in the 350 organising manifesto.

Is my team ready to start a 350 group?

These are the general guidelines for starting a 350 group, with flexibility for different local contexts. Groups applying should:

  • be a local (or regional) climate change initiative led by a team of 5-10 or more people.
  • meet regularly (weekly, biweekly, monthly).
  • have participated with 350 in some way in the past (days of action, local projects, etc.).
  • be looking for more support and collaboration with 350.org and the broader global climate movement!

In working together, it’s important for us to have some common understandings about what we’re aiming for and what we value. Before you apply, you must also read and agree to the 350 organising manifesto.

What do 350 groups do?

The most important answer to this question is: whatever is most crucial to stopping climate change in your community, whether it be education, recruitment and team-building, campaigning and policy change, or working directly on solutions to cut carbon emissions.

If you’re just starting out, start from the beginning and start small. Host a movie screening, then work your way toward a kickoff meeting. As your group gains confidence from successful small steps, stretch into bigger and bolder actions. Hold a protest, and start making some noise in local media.

When key moments arise such as a critical decision about a devastating fossil fuel project or a global day of action, we also hope that local 350 groups will take action in solidarity, knowing that our voices are louder and more persuasive when we take action as a global movement.

What can we expect from 350.org? What can we not expect?

350 is not a funding organization, and while we know funds can be important for events, actions, and more, we are rarely able to help in this way. We can and will do our best to provide support in other important ways. This could include providing web hosting, downloadable materials, media support, political strategy, spotlighting local activities, or coaching from our coordinating team. Our coordinating team is a bunch of very compassionate humans from around the world and are eager to talk and help figure out how we can work together to build powerful local movements connected globally to stop the climate crisis.

How long should the 350 Local group last?

For as long as the group is active, meeting regularly, has a solid leadership team, and is organizing in their area for climate action. If the group becomes inactive or the leadership is unable to keep going, we’ll discuss options together. Our main goal is to maintain an online network that accurately reflects real world action to stop climate change and enables new people interested in doing more to find an active group to participate in.gnize a nonviolent movement as the most effective means of creating a just and healthy world.

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