At the end of this year, Ghana would be holding its presidential election to determine who would serve as the president of the government of Ghana for the next 4 years. Elections are key opportunities where citizens of a country can practice democracy and choose a leader they believe have their best interest at heart.

Last week, on the 25th of June, as part of the AfrikaVukaCaravan series, 350 G-ROC shared their story of evolution from the time they campaigned against the set up of a coal-fired power plant in Ekumfi in 2013 and now, they are championing for Ghana to run on 100 percent renewable energy. The audience comprised of like-minded personalities such as NGOs, CBOs as well as artists like Senyo Adzoro, stage name HotProf, who delivered a beautiful piece of poetry termed “100 percent renewable energy” to further inspire the space.

During the virtual workshop, 350 G-ROC was represented by Portia Adu Mensah, Ben Nii, Charles Wundegba, and Farid Shamsudeen. The audience got to support the call from the G-ROC team to elect real climate leaders this coming election. Farid said, “Our presidential candidates need to really commit to the promises they had on their manifestos before we put them in power, we need you to deliver on your promises.”

The message was clear that Ghana needed more ambitious and real climate leaders who are able to lead Ghana to a future where the national energy mix is made up of 100 percent renewable energy. Is this wishful thinking? I think not, and to echo Portia Adu Mensah, Ghana and the world can run on 100 percent renewable energy.

To support their campaign and work, do check out the action here, tweet, and share so that we can amplify the Renewable Energy for Communities (RE4C) work not only in Ghana but the world over.