It’s time to show the power of African resistance to fossil fuels, and our energy for renewable energy at this COP. We need to call on our African leaders to deliver renewables, not fossils. We need to show the world that Africans are rising up to fight for climate justice.

Join us for an action TODAY – 4pm, to make these messages heard!

We will be dancing, sharing stories and chanting. We’ll hear stories from frontline struggles against fossil fuel projects from across Africa. We need you to help us mobilise as much of African civil society to the action as is possible. Please spread the word, and inform Landry: WhatsApp: 257 79563855

Action details:

Where: In-between Restaurant 1 & 2, Blue Zone

When: 4pm, Thursday

Action briefing & rehearsal:

Where: outside the entrance to Indian Room, in the first side event tent as you get in.

When: 10am, Thursday

See you there!