There is a common saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow. In fact if we go by this popular saying, it is therefore imperative for youths to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change. Youths in Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon are actually steaming up to the 10-10-10 Global Work Party in Nkambe.

Students in Nkambe, Cameroon prepare for 10/10/10

As part of the mobilization, Youth Development Organization recently in its mobilizing strategy for operation 1000 Youths 1000 Trees is taking and the phenomenon of climate change to soccer stadiums. This sensitization and mobilization is also expected to reach over 10.000 youths before 10-10-10 in 50 local soccer stadiums. We are optimistic that the enthusiasm from youths  will stimulate a new dimension of willpower and action that will stimulate youths to get to work.

Nkambe, Congo - 1000 Youths 1000 Trees

It is giving possibilities for youths to get more involved in participating & creating awareness on how much they care for the planet and the impact of land use and land use changes.