September 5, 2016

350 Africa responds to the suspension of the Lamu Coal Plant in Kenya


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NAIROBI — The County government of Lamu has directed that the Sh200 billion coal-fired power plant project in Kwasasi, Hindi be denied a licence to operate, following failure of the Amu Power company to comply with the government’s requirements.

Responding to this news, Landry  Ninteretse, Africa-Arab World Team Leader issued the following statement:

“This is an important victory for the Lamu community who have been working tirelessly to oppose the proposed coal project. However, the real solution is for the government to shun coal entirely and embrace renewable energy instead. This is the fight communities will continue to lead as the impacts of climate change continue to affect their livelihoods. If the government has the interest of its people at heart, the only real solution is to be on a path towards 100% renewable energy.”

This move by the county government of Lamu comes a few days after the resignation of the Minister of Trade, Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources citing her disapproval of the coal plant project. Environmental campaigners and social justice activists from Lamu, campaigning under the umbrella of Save Lamu, applauded her move and sought to increase the pressure on the government leading to the cancellation of the project.

“The suspension of the project is welcomed by Save Lamu and sends a strong message to other investors. The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) must halt coal projects if indeed impacted communities and the environment are to be protected. Let us be wise and make the right decisions before the costs become irreversible” said Omar Elmawi  from the Save Lamu Campaign.