There’s some exciting news about the divestment movement. Did you know that the fossil fuel divestment movement is the fastest growing movement of its kind in history?

At this critical time for our planet, people like you and I are seeing a distinct lack of action from  our governments and other entities — banks, universities, churches and pension funds to help stop funding climate change… But that’s slowly starting to change.

Indeed, just this year, the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and Desmond and Leah Tutu Foundation showed great leadership on this front and announced their support for the fossil free divestment campaign by voting to divest.

So we have a dynamic mass movement of people pushing for change, and we have Africa, a continent that could leapfrog outdated fossil fuel technology altogether — what a combination!

We’re having a press conference on Today, December 12th at the Cape Town Lodge Hotel and Conference Center, to discuss how we can amplify the movement across our country, South Africa, and the African continent as a whole, and how we can bring the age of fossil fuels to an end.

After the press conference, We will be live-streaming  an announcement on the impact of the divestment movement where movement leaders, divestment researchers and global media outlets will gather in New York and London to  launch an exciting new report on the impact of the divestment movement.

Here are the details:

TIME: 17:00 – 19:00

DATE: Monday 12 December

VENUE: Cape Town Lodge Hotel and Conference Center, Cape Town [Here’s a map]

In a world of regular, record-breaking temperatures and escalating climate impacts, there is a need for us all to turn up the heat on the fossil fuel industry. Click here to join the divestment movement in South Africa and to stay connected with news and action updates.