The No to Coal Crane Protest Action took place more than 100ft above ground, in Quatre Bornes, Mauritius on Monday, 4th Feb 2013.

The Operation with code name LEV LATET (Chin Up) was conducted by activist group AzirMoris, to raise awareness about the coal issue and to pledge against the construction of a 110MW Coal Plant (CT-POWER) located close to residential areas and a popular touristic spot Albion, in the north western part of the island approximately 10 minutes from Port Louis.

Three activists, Anshika Sawaram, Alain Bertrand and Jameel Peerally, who stood ground from 5:00 am until 5:30 pm, were arrested and then released on parole around 9:00pm that night. On Tuesday, 5th February, they were found guilty under an old slavery law, rogue and vagabond and fined MUR 1000.

AzirMoris has vowed to keep up and intensify the pressure with a series of punctual actions and public meetings in various towns of the country, with the aim of organising a massive demonstration later during the year.