Report compiled by the Nigerian GPS team

The 14th May saw the kick off of the first face-to-face meeting in Abuja, where participants not only got a chance to meet each other in person, but, were also being interviewed as part of their visa processing requirements. The team meeting was geared towards familiarization of team members and promoting synergy and effective interaction for proper knowledge sharing on the purpose of GPS and how best to broaden the networks towards mobilization, organize and develop specific start up strategies that will confront the climate change crisis and for social justice.

The meeting opened with a prayer with 8 participants in attendance. Next was a brief formal introduction of team members, sharing organizational and or personal experiences on strategic climate change advocacy/campaigns and networks.

The agenda covered a few aspects such as the review of the GPS information pack where participants discussed their general understanding to broaden and deepen actions, organizing; and mobilizing movements to confront the climate change crisis while advocating for social justice.

Team participants in discussion about  the Global Power Shift

Team participants in discussion about the Global Power Shift

Thereafter the skill track decisions were discussed and participants proposed possible suggestions on the best way to share information/knowledge from the training received in Istanbul. Other suggestions from the team including using other online reporting tolls to share experiences including a facebook page, flicker, tumbler, blogs, etc.

Global Power Shift phase 2 implementation was then discussed in great detail and tentatively agreed to begin in  2013 and not for early 2014 because of difficulty in arranging such an event in Nigeria so close to national elections. However, no final decision was taken and the team postponed this discussion after the team returns home from Turkey. However, team Nigeria will focus on events and campaigns that will build power, develop strategies, coordinate and network for workable solutions.

The country mapping exercise was met with much enthusiasm where it was suggested that the mapping be done by disseminating the information to all networks (from the 6 geopolitical zones) where team members will be responsible for collating information and then submitting to the contact person who will update the google documents.

Team roles and responsibilities were decided collectively and the team meeting ended on high spirits with a closing prayer!