August 27, 2018

Contact: Lerato Ngakane., +27 81 464 9726

New IRP release. 350Africa: “Clean and cheap coal is a logical fallacy”:

Following the release of the Integrated Resource Plan, South African Team leader Glen Tyler said:

“’Clean and cheap coal’ is a logical fallacy, one that is being sold to the public as a politician’s pipe dream. Burning coal contributes to catastrophic climate change. By including new coal in the plan, South Africa’s financial institutions, including the Development Bank of Southern Africa, will directly facilitate the harmful consequences for people and the environment through funding these coal projects. The cost of spending large amounts of taxpayers’ money on last century’s technology that will be soon more expensive than renewable energy is, at best, irrational and it critically undermines  what was laid out in the National Climate Change Bill. We call on the South African government to amend the IRP to make it consistent with our own climate plans and with climate science”.