Oh, doesn’t this make you want to go out and play! Artists Janet Botes and Nicolle Marais, armed with mud and stencils, decorated the Sea Point promenade in Cape Town early yesterday morning for the big Moving Planet parade tomorrow.  Amidst joggers and people walking to work, they mixed soil with water and then got playing! Interested people stopped to ask questions and then got the download on the parade tomorrow, including an opera singer who was practicing next to the sea and was delighted to be ‘educated’!

This completely eco-friendly ‘graffiti’ will wash away with the next rains. Another idea is “reverse-graffiti” where sturdier stencils are made from wood or strong plastic, which you place on an old wall or pavement, and then scrub really hard with a wire brush. The images left behind last a long time, and it’s difficult to get in trouble as you’re cleaning away dirt! Some ideas to inspire you for moving the planet tomorrow.