People across the world have been making plans for a wave of actions in cities and towns to demand that  their local leaders commit to building a fossil free world that puts people and justice before profits.

Here in Africa, momentum is building. As we enter the final month of recruitment for the Rise for Climate global day of action happening on September 8th, folks across the continent mobilised to spread the word.

People in Abuja, Nigeria organised a mass meeting where they discussed and built people power around the September 8th Global Day of Action.

There was a press conference in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire organised by a coalition of civil society groups to spread the word about Rise for Climate. 

People in Alexandria, Egypt used posters and t-shirts to raise awareness about the upcoming global mobilisation.  

And in the same spirit, 350 Ghana used posters from the Rise for Climate art project to catch peoples’ eye in Accra, Ghana.

Organisers in Klerksdorp, South Africa visited colleges to extend invitations to their #RiseForClimate event.

And everywhere in the world people shared their own story about why we’re Rising for climate.

The momentum built over the last couple of days is electric. Now, it’s time to push harder.

The impacts of global climate change are a clear and present danger to us all. From years-long extreme drought, record high temperatures and sea level rise – our lives, homes, and land are already at risk. That’s why we need to pressure our local leaders to cut ties with fossil fuels, and commit to a Fossil Free Africa with 100% renewable energy for all.

Find out if there’s an event near you— and if not, there’s still time to get organising and host one!