Matema is resting today. It is the only day she gets to rest out of the 1335km that she will cycle from Musina, the Northern most town in South Africa to Durban, where COP17 will take place. Along the way she will stop at 17 towns and conduct road shows, plant trees and engage with locals about climate change.

A wake up call at 4am is normal for the core cycling team of eight people. They have long distances to cover each day and as the only female in this team, Matema gets a warm welcome in each city. This cycle is part of the Justice and Peace ride for climate justice who aims to raise awareness on the effects of climate change at a
community level. And to inspire action at grass-root level that exerts pressure on world governments to put in place measures that mitigate climate change at COP17.

May the road treat you well Matema and lead the way to Durban for us all.