By Lushendrie Naidu and Landry Ninteretse, Africa team

Today marks exactly one week when Nelson Mandela considered as one of the great leaders and reformers of the 20th century left us in peace and serenity, after a long illness.

Since the announcement of his death, several personalities, activists and anonymous around the world and paid tribute to the great man. The huge emotion and global mobilization manifested reflect the admiration and deep respect for this freedom fighter.

Mandela, we will keep your memory close to our hearts on the road ahead/Photo:

Mandela, we will keep your memory close to our hearts on the road ahead/Photo:

Mandela’s long and hard struggle against apartheid, his fierce determination against oppression have touched and inspired hundreds of millions of men and women around the world. When he came to power in 1994, South Africans and the entire world dream of a new era fraternity, of a reconciled and just world. And when he renounced for a second term, he gave an excellent lesson to many leaders who are struggling to quit power at the end of their constitutional mandate.

For us climate activists, Mandela is a model of unfailing courage, commitment and perseverance for a healthy environment and a better world, freed from the yoke of fossil lobbyists. The action of and the global climate movement share most of values used in the anti-apartheid struggle. Every single battle won reminds of the hardness of mission we are embarked on, and also one of the Mandela’s famous quotes ‘It always seems impossible until it is done’.

A lion never dies, it sleeps. Of course, Nelson is no longer there, physically speaking. But in reality, he is more than ever present in our hearts, every day of our struggle. pays tribute to him, drawing from his humility, methods and tactics and continuing his work. On the continent, slowly but surely, climate activists are getting more organized, ambitious and are considering confronting serious issues causing climate chaos like coal. This is the spirit of Mandela which is inspiring them.