Last week, GPS team Mauritius started off their week long activities for “Alter for Change” with a launch ceremony in Ebene. The enthusiasm was certainly felt by the participants as learning, sharing and interacting with the issues of sustainable development became the foremost goal. The GPS team also worked closely with the president of Life International For Empowerment Foundation (LIFEF), Selena Roopnarain who brought her own skill set and dynamism to the events.

Day 2 saw the University of Mauritius students engage in an art exhibition with great creativity shown. Artivism is certainly a powerful way to encapsulate what alternative energy solutions could look like as students were eager to showcase their skills.  
Day 3 saw the organisers hosting an educational awareness program on climate change and the devastating effects that this can have on marine ecology. Mauritius is a beautiful island surrounded by breath-taking corals and climate change can cause loss of biodiversity through the possible extinction of certain species.   

Day 4’s round table discussion set the tone for an alternative society of Mauritius powered by renewable. The importance of this discussion is the contribution of the youth towards a sustainable environment and being aware of the power they can have.

Day 5 had school children take initiative in cleaning up their school. The aim was to show people that every citizen can make a difference and it is the initiative of these small actions that sets in motion for foundation for growing and building a movement.  

Day 6 theme, Art for Nature centered around people expressing their vision on nature through painting with St Esprit College and Daybreak Academy and Juvenis Action Club. The day ended on a high with a slow food exhibition. 

The last day concluded with people gathering from the week long activities to discuss this richness of work and how to sustain the momentum. As Jes Marden, GPS team member says so eloquently, “together we can and we will make the change”.

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