Dear friends,

 We have some fun and exciting news to share with you. With our partners, we’re very close to achieving a million signatures on the global petition to end fossil fuel subsidies—which is going to be really powerful to hand over to world leaders at the Rio+20 international conference!
As we collect signatures for the petition, we are simultaneously building our mailing list of people who deeply care about our planet’s future. This growing list reflects the energy and power of our rapidly expanding global movement.
Now it’s time to grow this movement even bigger here in Africa!
Our continent is the most vulnerable to the damaging impacts of climate change, and we need more African voices to push forward meaningful climate action.
Can you ask 5 family members, 10 neighbours, or 20 school/work friends to sign onto the petition? Not only will they make their voices heard in Rio, but they’ll join a community of people all over the world who are rising up for social and environmental justice.
Share this petition link via Facebook, Twitter, blogging or plain old word-of-mouth:
Then, if you’re getting lots of people to sign up, collect their names (just their names) and email the list to us ( We’ll check if they’ve signed the petition, and for the first 20 people to get more than 20 new people signed up, we’ll send you a free 350 t-shirt!
Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies in the wealthy, polluting countries could prevent huge amounts of emissions from wreaking havoc with our atmosphere—which would be good news for all Africans as a stable climate means fewer floods, fewer droughts and less of the other climatic disturbances threatening the continent.
Help us to grow the African climate movement, and spread the word that love-in-action is the best way to ensure we all have a brighter future!
Thank you,
Samantha, Landry, & Lushendrie
The 350 Africa Team