Ben Curtis-Ap

(photo by Ben Curtis/AP)

Plastic bags in Kenya are a serious garbage phenomenon: literally taking over the soil and green vegetation in the country. The most hit areas are in the urban centres.

Business in plastics is booming with highly connected individuals are profiting from this business, reaping millions of money annually. And with this, the ban is going to face serious and tougher opposition from the plastic-mafias.

In the year  2011, there was an attempt to ban plastics in the country but the mafia had their way, getting back to business. Since then, plastic bags have taken over every pore in the Kenyan socio-political space.

We would like to thank the Kenyan Cabinet secretary for environment Professor Judy Wangalwa Wakhungu for taking a bold step in banning plastic bags in the country. 

This time around, to ensure that the ban, which comes into force in September 2017 is effective and remains in place, we the citizens of Kenya, knowing the effects of plastic pollution should stand in solidarity with the environment ministry and the Cabinet Secretary, Judy Wakhungu.

We know that Rwanda is the cleanest country in the continent of Africa.  This has been achieved through several legislations and people’s support to government green policies. It is up to the people of Kenya now to rise up to the challenge.

This ban is a first step for the country in the walk towards a cleaner air in the world as previously reported a few months ago.

As environmental campaigners,  we are now challenging the professor and cabinet secretary for environment Judy Wangalwa Wakhungu to make the daring and bold step to cancel both the proposed coal power plant in Lamu and proposed coal mining sites in Kitui.

This is now the time that Professor Judy should make better use of her intellectual understanding of the impacts of coal and fossil fuels to our planet, our home.

We are here, will be here and shall continue advocating for developments based on clean energy. We hope that professor Judy will set a good example to the world over that women too care for our planet by joining our course.