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At the heart of 350Africa.org’s work is the recognition that action on climate change must be just and fair. That’s why we are calling for a just transition away from fossil fuels that creates a more fair, prosperous and equitable, renewable energy powered future.

Fossil fuels are by far the biggest source of climate-change causing greenhouse gas pollution. So to tackle climate change we need to transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy. But it is not enough to simply transition away from fossil fuels without thinking about how to make that transition fair and just, especially for those who rely on fossil fuels for their livelihoods. 

In Africa, South Africa is arguably the country where a just transition is most challenging and urgently needed, given its high dependence on coal – with almost 70% of its energy coming from coal. That’s why in South Africa we are leading the call for a rapid and just transition to a renewable energy powered economy, providing clean, safe and affordable energy for all, with no worker and community left behind in the transition.

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A South African Green New Deal

Science tells us we must rapidly transform our economies to tackle climate change. This campaign is about ensuring that transformation happens and does so in a way that centers justice and fairness. Partnering with the Climate Justice Coalition, 350Africa.org is calling for a Green New Deal for South Africa - a bold program to transform our society into a more socially and ecologically just future run on renewable energy. Join the campaign here.


Nowhere is the challenge of a just transition more pressing than for the largest polluter on the continent, namely,  Eskom - South Africa’s beleaguered national energy utility. Our #EskomIsKillingUs campaign is calling for Eskom to enact a rapid and just transition away from coal to renewable energy. To join that campaign visit the website here.

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What is a “Just Transition”?
The term “just transition” has become somewhat of a buzzword. So, what exactly constitutes a just transition, as opposed to just a transition? To learn more you can listen to 350 Africa.org’s Alex Lenferna on the New Frame podcast. You can also dive deeper and read 350Africa.org’s Just Transition position piece. Want to go even deeper? Then check out this report on a Just Energy Transition produced by our partner Project by 2030 with assistance from 350Africa.org Educating and Mobilising for a Just Transition As part of our just transition campaign, we are also doing research and education work. Working together with the Climate Justice Coalition we will be running education and mobilising workshops on a just transition and a transformative climate justice agenda. We also aim to undertake research on how South Africa can enact a just transition to a renewable energy future in line with the Paris Agreement goal of keeping warming to 1.5C.