In February of this year, Fossil Free South Africa organised the first “Divest Fest” in Cape Town. 20 people came together to learn about climate change, and how divesting from fossil fuel companies is a tactic to shift public opinion – and money – away from the companies that are wrecking our planet. Now it’s Johannesburg’s chance!

Divestment is simple – it is the opposite of investing and means selling any shares in fossil fuel companies or investment funds that include fossil fuel companies in their portfolios. It has been used successfully across the globe.

The Divest Fest is a chance to come together and take concerted actions, and come up with new ideas to encourage divestment in South Africa. At the first Divest Fest, people signed petitions, spoke about their own experiences, listened to talks from experts, came up with new ideas for divestment and contacted their asset managers.

On Saturday the 23rd of June, we’ll be running another Divest Fest with Fossil Free South Africa. Please join us, and encourage others to come along. It will take place at Delta Park Environmental Centre in Johannesburg, and will start at 9:30 am. There will be lunch afterwards. Please register here, and bring a laptop or tablet with you if you have one.