While meeting 350 organizers in Kampala early this month, I was moved by their commitment and determination to work towards a massive and creative Moving Planet event on September 24.

Most of them are highly motivated young people. Some have left campus earning life from various jobs, other are still busy with their studies. They have got different talents in community mobilization arts, photography, teaching etc and do share the same passion: doing something to fight the greatest challenge of this generation: climate change.

For Moving Planet, Ken, Aaron, Yvette, Louis and their colleagues are planning a big rally at Makerere University where participants will get insights on climate change and potential solutions to mitigate its severe impacts. A demonstration of biogas cookers and energy saving stoves is planned and a strong petition still being drafted.

Landry with Dennis, Birusha, Christine and Aaron on Global Work Party last year

These organizers are amazing, they are put into practice the skills they have got at university for the interest and benefit of communities to challenge climate change. They don’t waste time waiting for government or external intervention to tackle the problem. They play their role and expect the rest of stakeholders to do so at their levels.

The passion burning in their hearts is totally incredible. The country has faced generalized challenges since the beginning of this year: inflation, rising of fuel and food prices, political unrest, strikes etc but all this don’t stop them in their determination to mobilize youth and communities on climate change issues and local solutions to apply. Kampala Moving Planet event promises to be among the awesome events across Africa.