Continuing climate education and advocacy, building the movement countryside, strengthening existing partnerships and promoting adapted solutions to climate impacts, those are the strategic themes that came out of a two-day retreat organized by 350 Burundi team on June 28 & 29, 2012.

After 3 years of active involvement in local campaigns and Global Days of Action, team members had an opportunity to reflect on the group’s growth and to define where they want to see their group in the next 3 years.

Looking at the past 3 years, reflections were focused on internal organization, members and organizations participation, relationships with government and media and sponsorship. Team members noticed that the current membership is really committed to achieve group’s mission. Though it’s a small group, team members have been able to achieve good results, particularly in the areas of climate education, advocacy and media outreach. In addition, the group has forged good relations with other public and private stakeholders involved in climate action.

Members of the 350 Burundi team

Based on those achievements, the 350 Burundi group wanted to strengthen the local movement. This will be done through capacity building of members and supporters, recruitment of volunteers and in Bujumbura outside the capital, strengthening of existing partnerships to undertake initiatives that best meet local climate impacts while maintaining close contact regional coordination and other 350 groups of the sub-region.

“Challenges ahead of us are so great, so we need to get well prepared. The benefit of this retreat is that we’re leaving here with a clear idea of ​​what we’re going to focus on in the next 3 years” said Genny who joined the group last year.

Emile, an old activist within 350 Burundi group shared some tips with fellow African organizers: Get together, be determined and open your eyes to see what is feasible at grassroots level and of course exchange info and experience with others. He also added that help from in strategic planning would be much appreciated.