Last month, the 350 Ghana team, G-ROC, put together a wonderful street carnival with some local artists to celebrate renewable energy.

The streets of Accra witnessed the biggest ever youth-led street carnival event on climate change by 350-G-ROC (Ghana Reducing Our Carbon) in collaboration with PLUZZ FM, a leading radio station in Ghana.  Sensational Ghanaian music stars were present to perform and publicly demonstrated that renewable energy is the solution to Ghana’s energy crises — no more coal is welcome here! The street carnival saw thousands of youth converging at the Osikan Football Park as they championed solutions towards dealing with climate change.  


Buddaman, one of the top music artistes in Ghana appearance on stage triggered a huge crowd as he performed passionately, charging the crowd to action. Other sensational music celebrities namely  the ‘roaring’ Rashid Metal,  ‘the smoothest’ Yaa Pono, the ‘sexiest’ Shata Rako and many others put up a thrilling performance which blasted the venue with great vibes that kept the audience on their feet throughout the night.

The atmosphere was indeed a sight to behold as the various artists performed and chanted our core message:  “Say NO to coal” and “YES to renewable energy” while the youth danced, sang, and clapped to the beats.

A number of young people who attended the event said they have now become fully aware of the elements that cause climate change and the need for the use of renewable energy. They embraced the idea of collaborating with 350 G-ROC to continue mounting pressure on the government to stop the coal plant plans and embrace renewable energy as the cleanest source of energy.

“Such overture must be supported by all and sundry in the fight against climate change because all of us are suffering already from the devastating effects of global warming therefore we must have all hands on deck to say no to coal and yes to renewable energy ” – Kodjo Amoako, one of the youth interviewed