GPS team Zambia held an information and carnival day on the 28th August and 30th August respectively coinciding with Barefeet Children’s Councils Innovation Conference addressing the climate crisis.

On the 28th a broad overview of the global climate situation was discussed with more of an in-depth discussion on the  Zambian context afterwards. “The ‘Do the Math’ video was a great way in which to showcase the science of climate change and how people are being affected. It was wonderful to see people connect the dots through local experiences and also engage on a much wider front”, said Andrew Banda, GPS team member. 

The carnival which took place on the 30th August with about 2000 people in attendance was filled with colour, music, singing and great energy as people marched through the streets of Lusaka. The march ended in a park where people were entertained with music.10548703_1460568290872434_7648117096543724381_o