Cape Town Mayor, Patricia De Lille, has committed to divest from fossil fuels!  

I am taking this a step further and I have informed our Finance Directorate that we are going to divest from fossil fuel assets and companies in favour of greener and cleaner investments which are in line with our vision of a sustainable future.

We are going to instruct investors looking after our money not to put our money into fossil fuel-related companies or for it to be used to fund the development of dirty and unsustainable projects. We want our investments to be aligned with our principles of resilience and sustainability.” – Mayor Patricia De Lille.

Read the full release here.CTmayorquitedivest

This is a big deal: it means that the mayor will make sure the city keeps its money out of fossil fuel companies.

One thing is clear: this does not mean the work is over. We’ll still need to follow-up with the Mayor to ensure that they continue to pursue this divestment goal. And we’ll need to continue to build our movement for climate action, locally and across the continent.

This sends a strong message to the fossil fuel industry that the age of fossil fuels is coming to an end.

We can have a fossil free future with solar and wind energy providing locally-generated electricity for millions of people but it must start now with a change in political will. If you haven’t yet joined the divestment movement  – here’s how you can join.