Today’s the day! We need your help to let Nedbank know that South Africa will not stand to let them call themselves a green bank while they finance fossil fuels.

Wherever you are, please pick up a phone and call one (or all) of these people at Nedbank:

  • Paul Miller, Head of Resources Finance: +27 11 294 5091
  • Mike Peo, Head of Infrastructure, Energy and Telecommunications: +27 11 295 8419
  • Kevin Whitfield, Head of Carbon Finance: +27 11 294 2268

You can ask them how Nedbank calls itself a green bank while financing fossil fuels at the same time, to disclose the full extent of their fossil fuel investments, and to commit to a fossil-free Africa for the sake of their future and ours. Remember to keep it polite. 

If you get any feedback from Nedbank, please drop a comment on our Facebook wall to let us know how the conversation went.

Thank you for taking action for a Fossil Free Africa!
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