[this blog was written by Landry Nintereste, 350Africa.org’s Sub-Saharian Field Organiser]

It was an awesome and memorable weekend, full of enthusiasm. The African continent was not left on the sidelines of the Global Climate March. From Abidjan to Johannesburg via Accra, Cotonou, Yaoundé, Nairobi, Bujumbura and Kinshasa, there were thousands of people gathered in various forms ranging from protest marches to gatherings and panel discussions. All united by one demand: 100% clean and renewable energy for all.

It was really wonderful to see all the  images of massive mobilization from all corners of Africa. Considered as the most severely affected region by the impacts  of climate change and facing the many challenges, Africa said no to resignation last weekend. With this massive mobilization, the continent has re-affirmed its determination not to suffer but to effectively combat the adverse effects of climate change while being innovative and implementing exemplary solutions that pass through the widespread adoption of clean and renewable energy instead and fossil fuels that have caused and are still causing such havoc across the planet.

The grand mobilisation of this weekend constitutes further evidence that the climate movement is growing annually on the continent. Indeed, it has seen the participation of both old and new organizers, as well as varied partners who have largely contributed to make these events a true success. This is the kind of movement we are waiting for.

Though it may be difficult to show the strength, beauty and diversity of this solid mobilisation, I would like to present here a selection of some of the pictures from last weekend events:

AccraIn Accra-Ghana, 700 people attended a public gathering with musical vibes to raise awareness on climate issues and demand strong and concrete action at COP 21. Two other gatherings were held in Ashiaman and Techiman regions.


Bénin Marche 1In Cotonou-Benin, nearly a thousand people took part in the march organized by the National Coalition Action 2015 Benin under the leadership of GOLD, a local NGO. They called on world leaders gathered at COP 21 to take binding measures to fight against climate change.


In Bujumbura –Burundi, the troubled political and security contexts didn’t prevent the 350 local team to organize a panel discussion centered on local climate action.

yaound--cameroun_23296435602_oIn Yaounde – Cameroon, the changing of the itinerary by the authorities did not prevent nearly one hundred local activists to march for climate and a healthy planet.

In Nairobi-Kenya: Following the participation in Kasarani gathering with Pope Francis visiting the country, the 350 local team jointly with the Franciscan community organized a march in the streets of Nairobi followed by a concert musical.

2015-11-29_14-17-42_742In Kinshasa, DRC, a march for climate justice was organized by activists of the civil society with the participation of the local team 350. “We want to leave a living earth from our children” chanted the participants “

johannesburg-global-climate-march00001_23003395789_oIn South Africa, five different gatherings took place where activists and ordinary citizens made their voices heard. These included two marches in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province with about 500 people in Durban where COP 17 was held and another 100 people in the town called Howick. The Cape Town metro also had actions in the City of Cape Town and Knysna. North West had a march and the 350 Africa team joined the march organised by a partner organisation, Earthlife where 500 people marched through the streets of Johannesburg.