What does a just recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 look like? Join the Just Recovery Art Challenge and share your vision for a better South Africa.


 Art Challenge.

As we begin our long recovery from the social, economic, and public health impacts of COVID-19, many are asking themselves, what does a just recovery look like? What vision of the future do we want to create? 

As we envision that future, art plays a vital role in reshaping our collective imagination. That’s why we are launching the just recovery art challenge, to help envision what a just recovery from COVID-19 could & should look like.

Submit your vision of a just recovery to the Just Recovery Art Challenge from the 16th of July to the 30th of August. Voting will then open for two weeks until the 14th of September.  To help inspire your art, you can learn more about a just recovery at JustRecovery.co.za, where you can find podcasts, reports, webinars, and more.

...Submit your Art .

  To enter, submit one piece of art that speaks to the theme of a Just Recovery for South Africa. The artwork should:

  • Incorporate the words “Just Recovery”
  • Be aspirational, showing the future we want
  • Include aspects of a just future economy, like:
    • Renewable energy (solar panels, wind turbines)
    • Care work
    • Sustainable transport
    • Agriculture and food sovereignty
    • Meaningful work
    • Social cohesion and strong communities
  • Be positive - bold, lively, colourful

The #JustRecoveyArt challenge is an independent, South African online art competition with a prize pool of 40,000 ZAR. Choose a category below and submit your artwork.

*Read the terms and conditions here.

Category One


Send us through an audio clip of your music or your poetry. Be sure to record in a way that removes unwanted background noises and has clear audio.

Submit here

Category two


Create a short artistic video demonstrating your vision of a just recovery. Keep it relatively short to less than 3 minutes.

Submit here

Category three

Drawings and Paintings

Send us a picture of your drawing, painting, graffiti on any medium. Be sure to send through as high-quality photos of it as you can.

Submit here

Category Four

Images of crafts and sculptures

Build a sculpture or a craft that envisions what a just recovery would look like. Then upload an image or video of it.

Submit here

  ...Support for Competition.

The art competition is hosted by the Climate Justice Coalition, a coalition of community, civil society and trade union organisations, working together to build a more socially and ecologically just future.

For community organisations and individuals who need support with art supplies or to organize educational events to discuss the just recovery work, please email: alex.lenferna@350.org

  ...Share on Social Media.

What does a Just Recovery mean to you? How are you and your community bringing these principles to life in your responses to the coronavirus?

Share on social media using the hashtag #JustRecoveryArt