Photographer Nathan Pavlovic

“There is No Planet B!” shouted roadside demonstrators at the Moving Planet gathering on  Saturday.  Over 100 people, dogs and horses joined in by walking or cycling bearing banners challenging motorists: “Are You a Fossil Fool” and “Get Out of your Car or Learn to Swim!”.  The Mpophomeni Enviro Club marched through town with posters declaring “Local Action = Global Solution”.  24 September certainly was about global action – from Cape Town to Cairo, Zimbabwe to Afghanistan, communities asked their leaders to step up their commitment to preventing runaway climate change.

 Photographer: Ingrid Nanni

Councillor Zine Dlamini, who walked from her office to join the community action and tasted solar brewed tea for the first time, spoke on behalf of the Honorable uMngeni Mayor. “We encourage people to start changing the way they live so that we can be free from this dangerous climate change. Together we can do more.”

Photographer: Nikki Brighton

Howick Museum will exhibit the creativity of Moving the Midlands – posters, banners, photos, videos and resources, to record and reflect on how our community are defining their future and the heritage that they will leave for future generations.

Photographer: Bridget Ringdahl