The Fossil Free Africa campaign began in November last year asking banks (in particular Nedbank) to disclose their fossil fuel investments and to stop further financing non-renewable energy projects. As concerned citizens and the general public – we should be directing our efforts to asking Nedbank to commit to a Fossil Free Africa.


Here’s how reach out to Nedbank to ask them to stop financing dirty fossil fuel projects:

1. You can tweet @Nedbank:

Here are a few example tweets:

How can @Nedbank call itself the only green bank with almost R1 billion of fossil fuel investments? #FossilFreeAfrica

Dirty banks greenwash themselves while funding Africa’s growing addiction to fossil fuels >> #FossilFreeAfrica

2. Write on their Facebook wall:

Find Nedbank on Facebook and ask them to stop further financing dirty fossil fuels or to disclose their fossil fuels investments.

Here are a few ideas of what to say:

Nedbank, are you financing fossil fuel projects? If you’re calling yourselves the “green bank” – surely this is a contradiction?

Burning fossil fuels are destroying and killing our planet. Is this true about your coal addiction?

3. You can call the Nedbank’s Client Complaint Hotline on 0860 444 000

Tell them it’s not possible for a green bank to invest in fossil fuels and ask them if they’ll disclose all their fossil fuel investments

4. You can email Nedbank 
and write out your complaint about their greenwashing.

5. Visit your nearest Nedbank branch

You can visit your nearest Nedbank branch and speak to a consultant/branch manager to tell them your concerns about Nedbank’s very ungreen fossil fuel investments

6. Join on Global Divestment Day

You can join Global Divestment Day  by either signing up to host an event or joining the team at one of their events.


And in case you haven’t yet, make sure to join the Fossil Free Africa campaign for more exciting news and updates coming up in the next few weeks. Join here.