In response to President Trump’s executive order barring entry to the United States from refugees, migrants and foreign nationals from seven-Muslim countries, staff members at from the targeted region have issued the following letter to the US President.

President Trump,

It is with deep consternation that we learned about your presidential executive order barring entry to the United States foreign nationals, refugees and migrants from Yemen, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Iraq. At the same time, 95 Somalis and two Kenyans were immediately deported and landed in Kenya last week.

The civilians already deported and denied entry into the US had come there for various reasons.  To visit relatives, others were in transit while others were in search of a land of asylum in hopes to find better living conditions as they face prosecution in their home countries risking arrest, torture or death.

As nationals of the current and potentially targeted countries, regions or religions, we feel directly targeted and highly concerned by the situation. These restrictions do not only affect our work and freedom of movement, but are a hindrance to our efforts to unite peoples from all countries for the needed global response to the climate crisis affecting us all.

Our world is more connected than ever, we’re facing similar challenges, yet discrimination of entry into American soil based on nationality, religion or race is far from being a solution. Neither for the United States nor the rest of the world. On the contrary, it is a direct attack on fundamental rights that can only lead to increased fears, suspicions and divisions among the citizens of the world. This is unjust, unjustifiable and counterproductive.

National security and counter-terrorism concerns cannot justify discriminatory measures that divide families, colleagues, nations, continents and peoples. It is inadmissible that ordinary citizens – on the basis of their nationality, race or religion – are the victims of rejection, detention and deportation in a country that was built thanks to the diversity of its inhabitants and immense contribution from the migrant’s community.

Confronted with one of the greatest challenges facing our humanity and solidarity as global citizens, we remain determined more than ever in our battle for climate and social justice. We refuse to yield to any form of despair, hatred or divisions. We express our full solidarity with the American citizens and other peoples from all over the world who continue tirelessly to challenge your unilateral decision which is not only unacceptable and seriously penalising for the concerned but must be urgently cancelled.

The people united will never be defeated. No ban, No Wall, Climate Justice for All!

Yours sincerely
Concerned activists from Africa-Arab Region