Last week Saturday, 16th August, GROC (Ghana Reducing Our Carbon) hosted a youth forum and rally in the Shama district in the western region to sensitize the youth on their roles towards the environmental problems, in particular on the development of the new coal fired power plant.

The coal plant site has not yet been determined as the government has not given the exact location but 350 GROC did think that the Shama district could potentially serve as the site  because of the large water body that is nearby. The proposed 700 megawatts coal producing plant is a signed agreement between Sunon Asogli Power Plant and the Shenzhen energy group from China. The group highlighted the need rather for renewable/clean energy technology choices which don’t pose a threat to environment and also human health.  

The paramount chief of the Shama traditional area, Nana Kwesi Wieni applauded the group for taking on the issue of climate change and urged all youth to also get involved. He also made a plea to the government to invest in clean energy rather in coal in order to preserve the natural environment. GROC coordinator said, “Clean, renewable source of energy does not only guarantee regular energy provision but has inherent job creation opportunities for majority of unemployed or under-employed youth”.

Farid Shamsu-Deen noted that next month will see their next activity take shape in the form of a street carnival at Ho in the Volta Region in an effort to sensitise the national public on the dangers of coal generation.

For more information on their upcoming activity, please contact: Chibeze Ezekiel (

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